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About us

Oplnco previously known as Devstucom represents Open Inclusive Collaborative was founded in year 2020.

We as a community help our fellow students in building skills through direct discussions on advance topics of science and technology. We urge individual to contribute in open source.


"Sharing is caring", and with opensource, sharing is easier ;) At OpInCo, we believe Open=Opportunity and in approaching all aspects of life with an "open-source attitude" while upskilling & evolving as a team.


Diversity is vital, both in Culture & in Technology, with inclusion being the key to advancement. Here at OpInCo, we strive to explore and cover a wide range of technical and related fields benefitting both programmers and non-programmers :)


Simply stated, we profess: "Less Me and More We" when it comes to innovation. We aim to join hands for achieving and creating wonderful possibilities together.

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Collaboration in Projects

OpInCo provides an excellent opportunity for project collaborations as it has experts from diverse technical fields.

Guidence Sessions

We engage industry experts to deliver mentorship sessions on resume building, roadmaps to develop skills, and a lot more.

Stay up to date!

We regularly keep track of upcoming events and organize sessions to introduce our members to new technologies, so you will never be short of new updates.

Connect with people

OpInCo provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from around the world.


Hack Club BIT Durg & OpInCo Community presents A week long In-person event conducting in Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg to celebrate Hacktoberfest and Open source.


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